Stagecoach Performing Arts

We provide drama classes, dance classes and singing lessons for children aged 4-18yrs in schools across the UK. With over 700 schools worldwide, Stagecoach is the UK's largest network of part time performing arts schools for children.

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Stagecoach Performing Arts

Drama, Dance and Singing

Every student participates in all three performing arts disciplines - drama classes, dance classes and singing classes - helping to develop confidence, physical awareness, communication and articulation - as well as being educational and lots of fun!

Why Stagecoach Performing Arts ?


It is a strict policy of the school to employ only experienced teaching staff, many of whom are professionals in their own right. All staff members are screened through the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) for their suitability to work with children. Stagecoach is also dedicated to developing its staff through one day workshops and in-service teaching courses.

Child Protection

Stagecoach has led the way in developing measures to secure the safety of students and is often quoted as an example of Best Practice by specialists in the child protection arena. Stagecoach retains the services of Steve Lowe, a leading child protection expert, who advises and implements the company’s child protection protocols.


Since a career in the performing arts is best attained through strict self-discipline, Stagecoach teaches its students in a structured environment and encourages disciplined behaviour. Stagecoach reserves the right to dismiss students who are consistently disruptive. Students are also expected to attend regularly and arrive on time for class.


Stagecoach prides itself in giving the best possible tuition and in order to monitor and maintain this high standard, all Stagecoach schools are inspected at least once a year. This is carried out by an independent School Inspection Agency.


Parents are kept in touch with a student’s progress by way of an individual written report. Provided once per annum, each teacher and the Principal gives feedback on the development of every child.


Stagecoach does not reward natural talent and ability, believing this to be a given gift, but rather acknowledges effort and perseverance. Medals and awards are presented to students for long attendance, who have attended Stagecoach in excess of three years. Also every school presents one annual award to a student for exceptional progress or achievement.


Whilst it is not Stagecoach policy to conform to a strict syllabus, classwork covers many recognised board requirements and students may be entered for the Performance Arts Awards, Group Musical Theatre examinations and LAMDA Speech and Acting examinations. is a directory which advertises the services of local acting dancing and singing schools for children and young adults. It acts on behalf of the companies using its services but is not controlled or owned by any of these entities.

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